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[SurroundSound] Can you tell the difference and find the original? grill Fri Feb 03 21:02:13 2012

I'm offering you a WXYZ comparison test to check the audio evaluation
capability of your ears and mind. The hotlinked Hotfile link below
leads you to a DVD-audio disc image that contains four 5.1 24/96
tracks of the same audio material encoded as:

- unaltered original MLP 5.1 24/96,
- DTS 5.1 (755 kbps),
- DTS 5.1 (1510 kbps),
- DTS 24/96 5.1 (1510 kbps).

DTS-HD MAS 2.50.20 was used for DTS encoding and AudioMuxer with
ArcSoft DTS decoder was used for DTS decoding.

Your task is to determine the correct encoding order, at least to find
the original without using audio evaluating softwares. You can PM me
your guess and I'll send you the right answer back. Bravehearts can
reply publicly. Btw, I meant this to be a funny game so don't take it
too seriously (although there is no trick or scam in the testing


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