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[SurroundSound] foobar And DVD-Audio Peter Cawthron Tue Feb 14 10:01:09 2012

Hello Gents,


Are any of you using this successfully? I have foobar v1.1.5 and DVD-Audio
Decoder and Watermark Detector 0.4.10.


I burnt a DVD-Audio today using Cirlinca  DVD-Audio Solo 1.4 (yes, an old
version) which plays fine on an Oppo DV-980H.


But foobar won't open the DVD. I can open a folder by pointing foobar at the
AUDIO_TS folder and files can be played. But the ten tracks in Group 1 - the
only group - of this stereo 24/96 album which is approximately 45 minute
long are preceded by four seemingly anomalous tracks of 31 minutes, 31
minutes (stereo down-mix), 12 minutes and 12 minutes (stereo down-mix)
respectively. The longest of the ten tracks is 5:00 minutes.


The DVD-A show the ten tracks correctly in DVD-A Explorer.



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