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[Suzuki_Burgman] Re: Center Stand Failure gary smith Wed Feb 01 01:05:52 2012

I don't have a center stand to sell you.  In fact, I sold my '07 Exec. last 
summer due to other priorities at the time.  

A LOT has been written about failures of the center stands on "older" Burgies 
like yours.  Just check the Burgmanusa forum.  In some cases, the bad stands 
resulted in a bike falling over and getting damaged.  Suzuki was apparently 
aware of these issues because they updated the stands a couple of years ago to 
make them stronger.  Personally, I avoided using the center stand for the most 
part because I found it a pain to use.  When I did use it I finally resorted to 
using a small piece of 1" x 6" scrap cedar lumber (the kind fences are made out 
of).  I would simply lay the board right in front of the rear tire then drive 
up onto it so that the rear tire was sitting on the board.  That made it WAY 
easier to get the bike off and on the center stand when I did need to use it.

BTW, if you don't find a center stand on one of the bikes mentioned that are 
being parted out just post a request for one in the classified section of 
Burgmanusa and see what happens.  Personally, I don't think I'd trust an 
"older" stand, though.  Some guys welded reinforcing pieces to the OEM stands 
to prevent them from braking.  For a great bike the center stands are sub-par.