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[Suzuki_Burgman] Center Stand Anyone? [EMAIL PROTECTED] Fri Feb 03 10:06:03 2012

I'm planning on buying a new '650 Exec later 
This year.

I used to own a Honda Silver Wing, and I always used the center stand, locked 
the front wheel, and set the brake while parking, even on the flat.

This entire process, with practice--get off bike, prop up on center stand, turn 
handlebar to left, lock handlebar with key, remove key, put key in pocket, set 
parking brake--took about ten to fifteen seconds from start to finish.

Center Stands Prevent Rollovers!

I've never had difficulty using a center stand on any bike, large or small.  
Kickstands on shooters need more length and extension of the end piece that 
rests on the ground.

The scooter manufacturers could take a lesson from Harley on this one.