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[Suzuki_Burgman] Re: Hidden spare key Brian B. Wed Feb 08 18:00:34 2012

"Marv" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Our bikes come with two keys. Most riders leave one key at home as a back up. 
What good does it do you if you're locked out and far from home.
I got a locksmith to make an extra key.
Then I put it in a vise and ground down the head until it's just big enough to 
hold and operate properly (make it too small and you can't generate enough 
finger strength to open the seat and get your helmet)
My spare key is now 3-3/4 inches long, less than 3/4" wide and a bit less than 
1/8" thick. It stays in my wallet which also has my driver's license, so I 
always have it. I've done the same with my car key and house key. (All three 
are stuck onto a thin piece of cardboard a bit smaller than a credit card.)
It's truly a lifesaver -- when I've unthinkingly put the scooter key into my 
jacket and locked it under the seat, when the car keys remained in the ignition 
because the dog distracted me while I locked up, when I had a brain cramp and 
left the whole bunch of keys with the car while it got an oil change and got a 
friend to give me a lift home.