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RE: [Suzuki_Burgman] For Sale 2005 Burgman 650 Trike Bob Reiff Thu Feb 09 15:01:17 2012

Is it listed under Craig's List in Cincinnati?  I can't find it.  Only three
entries using "trike" as a search and none are for a Burgman.


From: Les [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] 
Sent: February 09, 2012 11:27
Subject: [Suzuki_Burgman] For Sale 2005 Burgman 650 Trike



I have a 2005 Burgman 650 trike for sale with 13,500 miles. History:

The bike does have a salave title as it was dropped and the bike hit a tree
messing up the front of the bike. The happened when the bike was farely new.
This happened by the owner who lived in Michigan at the time. The bike was
then sold to a dealer in Michigan and who fixed the damage to the front end
end. The bike was sold to an older gentleman in Michigan who after a year
bought a Danson trike set and put it on the bike himself. He kept the bike
for three years and sold it to a guy in northen Ohio. 

This is where I bought the bike two years ago. I had my nephew go up with me
as he races bikes at Mid Ohio. He rode the bike for a hour or so and
inspected all the motor. Everything was sound and I bought the bike and rode
it back to Cincinnati. The guy who had it in northen Ohio had painted his
wifes name and his name on the bike and he painted flames on the fenders of
the trike. I had the the entire trike repainted in a light silver, put a new
GIVI trunk on it and this year put new tires on the bike. I recently put a
new battery in the bike and in the fall I changed the oil and filters. The
bike runs like a champ.

I put 3000 miles on the trike this past summer and really enjoyed rideing
the bike. It is easy to ride, visible to traffic, solid, gets 50 MPG on the
highway 44 MPG in the city. 

The reason I'm selling the trike is to buy a new one very soon. I want a
newer Burgman like a 2010 or 11 model year. The selling price for the bike
is $6200.00. The bike is currently on Craigs List in Cincinnati Ohio if you
want to look a pictures of the bike. If you're intereseted let me know. My
email address is as follows
[EMAIL PROTECTED] <mailto:mrmixit2004%40yahoo.com> . Again I live in
Cincinnati Ohio on the east side of town. The bike is kept in my garage and
is very clean.