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Re: [Suzuki_Burgman] Darkside tire sizes [EMAIL PROTECTED] Tue Apr 03 14:01:05 2012


If you look, I believe the Can-Am Spyder uses a 160/60R-14 tire on the front. 
At least you'll be having a motorcycle designated tire on the rear. That would 
help for insurance concerns. Otherwise the Spyder tire highly resembles a car 


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From: Don Stanwyck <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
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Subject: [Suzuki_Burgman] Darkside tire sizes

I've about decided to go darkside.  I'm tired of MTs that can't hold air,
wear out in a few thousand miles, etc.  It's about time to give a CT a
chance.  I've got almost 28000 miles on my AN650 (2007).


The issue I'm running into is the general unavailability of 160/60R14 tires.
165/60 is available.  I saw a post on burgmanusa.com where someone was
running a 165/60 rear.  For those of you who've gone darkside what size
tires are you using and are there any specific CTs you recommend?


(I'm not looking a for a discussion on the merits of MT vs CT.  That's been
beat to death already.)


Don Stanwyck, Carnation, WA