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Re: [Suzuki_Burgman] Darkside tire sizes Paul Kopec Fri Apr 06 15:00:07 2012


I love the handling.  Seems to corner just as well as the OEM.  I did remove 
the wheel and took it to a local tire dealership to get it mounted.  I bought 
the tire there and I think that was a deciding factor on the mounting of it at 
no additional charge.  It doesn’t rub anywhere although I ride single about all 
the time.
Hope this helps.


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How does your scooter handle the twisties with this tire?

Who mounted it for you? Did you take it to Susuki dealer? Or did you remove the 
rear wheel yourself and take it to a tire store?

Does it rub on the fender with those square corners?


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Ok, so in the 165/65R14 size I found three tires that I’m told are available:

a)      Michelin Energy Saver

b)      Bridgestone Blizzak MZ03 (a snow tire)

c)       Bridgestone Potenza RE88

The Michelin  tire looks to be the least expensive.  It’s described at 
Excellent wet braking, tread that wraps around the side, and a 50,000 mile 
warranty so it should last for the life of the bike.  I’m trying to find anyone 
that has it in stock.  Original equipment on Mini Cooper, BMW 3 Series and 
Volkswagen Passat.

Any other thoughts on these tires?

--don stanwyck, carnation, wa

p.s., the Can-Am Spyder front tire is this size but it is only available from 
the Can-Am Spyder dealer.

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I installed the car tire (165/65/14) on my 2003 Burgman 9000 miles ago and I 
hardly see any wear.  Bought the scoot new and just about to close in on 70,000 
miles.  It may be possible the Burgie will wear out before the tire does.  It 
is my 8th rear tire.  I really like the handling and will definitely replace it 
with another.  I will admit there are a few handling differences  but nothing I 
couldn’t adapt to.  The tire is a Bridgestone Potenza by the way.  I think it 
will be worth the money.


From: Don Stanwyck 

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Subject: [Suzuki_Burgman] Darkside tire sizes


I’ve about decided to go darkside.  I’m tired of MTs that can’t hold air, wear 
out in a few thousand miles, etc.  It’s about time to give a CT a chance.  I’ve 
got almost 28000 miles on my AN650 (2007).

The issue I’m running into is the general unavailability of 160/60R14 tires.  
165/60 is available.  I saw a post on burgmanusa.com where someone was running 
a 165/60 rear.  For those of you who’ve gone darkside what size tires are you 
using and are there any specific CTs you recommend?

(I’m not looking a for a discussion on the merits of MT vs CT.  That’s been 
beat to death already.)

Don Stanwyck, Carnation, WA