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[TexasPsych] Re: Roky Erickson Haul 100% Unique Stuff The Ultimust Tue Mar 29 19:01:05 2011

I said it before but it bears repeating - it's a rare and wonderful
gift to be able to get this up close and personal with Roky's recorded
history. Like someone else in the group said, if and when the rest of
the world catches up and starts to appreciate Roky for what he is, the
CD Club's output will be a critically important piece of his legacy.

Well done, Kiloh. So glad this stuff fell into the hands of someone
like you who understands what the right thing to do is.

On Mar 29, 12:18 pm, Kiloh <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> http://www.texaspsychedelicrock.com/2011/03/roky-erickson-haul-100-un...
> Here's the list of 100% unique stuff. You'll see that the letters in the
> alphabet corrospond with the missing letters in the other list. It's all
> studio stuff! The Luckin Archive lives!
> You'll see the beginnings of the fabled/much-threatened "Billy Tape" in this
> list. While in Austin, I grabbed a bunch more cassettes so... we're looking
> at a "Billy Box Set" now. I'm going to have a blast writing the Liner Notes
> for this.
> It's shaping up to be this unique stuff and a HUGE, many tentacled, Evil One
> Sessions box set.
> Remeber, this list is only the 26 cassettes that I grabbed while in Austin
> last October. I just grabbed 29 more cassettes that will be added to this
> list.
> Don't hurry us! We're going to do this up right! It looks like the odd, 100%
> unique, thang will slip out while we work on this behemoth of a box set.

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