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[TFA] Re: Angelfish fighting Denizen Tue May 26 10:00:22 2009

On May 26, 11:37 am, Tynk <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > > Hey Mr. G.....
> > > Have you ever seen this behavior change with any of your adults?
> > With dozens of breeding and breeding ready adults in every sort of tank
> > grouping, bickering is a daily fact of life. I described the only
> > killings in a previous post. When I see a potential really bad guy, I
> > move him or her to another tank with a different mix. A few of my most
> > strongly bonded pairs that have produced numerous spawns together will
> > not tolerate any other fish in their tanks.
> > MG
> Hi Mr. G.
> You posted this reply to my post that asked a Q about switching
> hierarchy between males.
> Maybe you meant to it to go with a different post regarding behavior?
I dunno, the posts look related to me. Murderous angels. What next,
good Samaritan devils?? :o) .