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Re: [TFA] Re: Rainbowfish nitrocarbon Tue Dec 14 16:00:43 2010

Photos are brilliant.  Excellent photography.

"luca" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

>Thanks, excellent info as always. :-)
>I thought I'd share a recent pic of my angelfish, who's doing well (I
>On Dec 14, 10:42 am, NetMax <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> re: volume, a little tight.  They only fish which overlap the
>> are the Angelfish and Bleeding hearts, so you might be ok.  I would
>> it, starting with young Bosemani so the Angelfish has a chance of not
>> being harrassed, and if the tank gets too small, it's an excuse for
>> upgrade. ;~)  The Bosemani get to a good size too, beautiful fish.
>> There are smaller Rainbows if you shop around, but availability is
>> tough.
>> re: water softness, no problem at all.  While most fish would be
>> perfectly fine in neutral water, hard water fish in particular adapt
>> better to soft water, than soft water fish adapt to hard water.  I
>> don't know why, perhaps hard water is more of an adaptive neccesity
>> than a desirability.  This adaptiveness will have reproductive
>> consequences with some fish, but unless you're breeding, it's a non-
>> issue for all but the most extreme cases.  Some hard water fish's
>> colors are not as brilliant when they're kept in softer water, but I
>> have not observed that with Bosemani (who probably originated as
>> riverine fish which got trapped in lakes most recently than something
>> like the Rift lakes).
>> re: distribution, I can't comment on how well 2M 3F will work as I
>> have no experience with such a small group.  You'll probably be ok
>> with this, though sexing them young may hold some surprises. ;~)
>> ps: If you want 5, I'd buy 6 to allow for at least one loss.
>> cheers
>> NetMax
>> On Dec 14, 11:50 am, luca <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> > I was wondering if my heavily planted community tank has the right
>> > conditions for rainbowfish (Melanotaenia boesemani). I read that
>they should
>> > be kept in a school of at least 5-6, hence my first question: is a
>55g big
>> > enough.
>> > Second question is about pH. The water in the tank is on the soft
>side, pH
>> > ~7, with GH ~7 and KH ~4. I read that rainbows like higher pH, how
>big a
>> > problem is this?
>> > Two males in a group of 5 sound OK?
>> > Current inhabitants:
>> > 1 Angelfish
>> > 2 Cockatoo apistos
>> > 10 Bleeding-heart tetras
>> > 1 ancistrus
>> > 5 sterbai corys
>> > 6 Otos