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[TFA] Re: White growth on ram NetMax Fri Feb 03 12:05:10 2012

Meh... Medical diagnosis using a pictures, when I can't even do it in
person, so I'm not going to be much help.

I can make a few observations.
The colors are washed out, suggesting the fish is reacting to it.
All the other fins are normal and extended, suggesting the fish is not
stressed by this.
Fins will grow back from fungal infections unless the infection gets
too deep (as is the case here).
So if it's a fungus following the fins down, odds are good that
untreated, it will kill the fish (which has been unable to stop the
pathogen so far).
If it's something else (not clearly indicated by the picture), then
ymmv and external treatments are not very effective on internal
disorders, so if antibiotics were the cure, I would give them
internally via fish food.


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