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Re: [TFA] Re: White growth on ram pH7, Aquarium Ninja Fri Feb 03 12:12:01 2012


I was told that you can give a potassium permanganate bath. I was also told 
that you can use methylene blue baths as well. I'm more familiar with methylin 
blue as a bath, as opposed to my unfamiliarity with potassium permanganate. 
Methylene blue has other benefits, but is harmful to plants. Obviously, I still 
have a bit to learn here.

~pH7, Aquarium Ninja

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NetMax <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Gotta have a dream (at least one!). I hope you like biology, and
especially chemistry. You don't seem to have any reservations when it
comes to applying yourself, so you could be great. Not certain what
career it would lead to though. There's not much profit/demand for vet
ichthyologists, so that leaves commercial/industrial fish-farming, and
nothing ruins a hobby like going commercial.

I've heard of using PP to sanitize new plants. Not heard it used with
fish. When it comes to chemistry, Altum has forgotten more than I've
ever learned (by a factor of ten!), so you might get good advice soon.


On Feb 1, 12:23 am, "pH7, Aquarium Ninja" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> I recently spoke on the phone with a man who talked to me about the use of 
> potassium permanganate for the fungal infection that had attacked my own 
> fish. Is that something that we should consider a little harsh? I'm 
> interested to know more about potassium permanganate and its application as a 
> medication in aquaria.
> As regular readers of the group traffic would probably already know, I am 
> currently in pursuit of a greater knowledge of how to diagnose and cure 
> illness in fish. I have made it one of my life's goals, even taking it 
> seriously to the point where I may eventually enter formal studies in 
> veterinary medicine and possibly go on to practice medicine specializing in 
> aquatic creatures.
> But we will see how I fare in this first adventure into untergasser. I'm 
> setting up a clean laboratory in an addon to the house and getting everything 
> ready. Shhhhhhhh please, it's a secret, even though it's true that Mrs. A. 
> Ninja has her suspicions of my new books and odd trips to the university, 
> nobody else knows but you fine folks of the TFA group. As for now, you alone 
> know of my dream, and that some day I hope to follow it.
> ~pH7, Aquarium Ninja
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> NetMax <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Meh... Medical diagnosis using a pictures, when I can't even do it in
> person, so I'm not going to be much help.
> I can make a few observations.
> The colors are washed out, suggesting the fish is reacting to it.
> All the other fins are normal and extended, suggesting the fish is not
> stressed by this.
> Fins will grow back from fungal infections unless the infection gets
> too deep (as is the case here).
> So if it's a fungus following the fins down, odds are good that
> untreated, it will kill the fish (which has been unable to stop the
> pathogen so far).
> If it's something else (not clearly indicated by the picture), then
> ymmv and external treatments are not very effective on internal
> disorders, so if antibiotics were the cure, I would give them
> internally via fish food.
> NetMax
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