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[24] Re: Relations? Fenna S. Thu Apr 26 12:02:19 2007

Jack and Audrey, Bill and Karen.  Their relationships have significant 
impacts on the day's event.  It seems to me that Karen didn't work 
very hard to find a third solution to her latest dilemma, or rather, 
the writers didn't seem to work very hard to come up with another 
option.  I understand part of it must be because there's so little 
time left to wrap up the season, but I'm also thinking it may have 
been a convenient way for 24 to do their annual character purging.  If 
that's the case, I'll miss Bill.  I also wonder if they are 
positioning Nadia to be the next female lead.  At this point, I don't 
dislike her, but don't think much of her either.        
--- In [EMAIL PROTECTED], "smagnums" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Did anyone else notice that in this season there are alot of 
> realtionship drama? (jack with his brother and father)I mean sure 
> have been drama in 24 before, but last episode there were some that 
> didn't really add to the plot. Chloe/Morris, Daniels/his assistant, 
> Bill/Kathy.