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[WellRailed] [JOB] Auckland, junior/mid, on site, permanent/long term contract Steve H Wed Nov 03 16:01:10 2010

Apologies if you've already seen this on RoRo or Auckland job listings
aren't appropriate, but I know Auckland developers read this list so I
hope it's useful.

Localist is looking for a junior or intermediate level Ruby on Rails
developer to help build Auckland's new information service to bring
businesses and communities closer together.

You will need:

   * at least 1 year's experience coding Ruby on Rails with MySQL or
   * an ability to create robust and easily maintainable code
   * some experience working with RESTful interfaces
   * a working knowledge of Git, RSpec, Cucumber and Capistrano
   * an excellent grasp of Javascript, particularly JQuery
   * some exposure to or knowledge of TDD or BDD

Localist is a startup, open to ideas and contribution from everyone.

This is either a long term contract or permanent position, on site at
our office in Upper Queen St, Auckland.

Contact me (off-list) or [EMAIL PROTECTED]

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