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Re: [WellRailed] A question of style Henry Maddocks Thu Feb 02 16:10:14 2012

Ignore the class and method names, it's just the first thing that entered my 

On 25/01/2012, at 10:06 AM, Philip Murray wrote:
> I sometimes provide both, and the method with a bang does the save for you
> Then you can have the choice, if you're making other changes to your model 
> before saving it

I've done this in the past but it feels anti YAGNI unless you're writing a 
public api.

And bang methods feel weird to me. You don't use bang when setting instance 
variables on Ruby objects. attr_accessor doesn't create bang methods for 
example. I guess the root problem is having to call save.

The reason I asked is I had a situation where I was having to sprinkle reloads 
and saves all over the code to get model attribute changes to be picked up 
correctly. It wouldn't have been necessary if the models were saving themselves.


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