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Amusing articles about wentworth

A chocolate croissant and a facelift, please

Lucy Mangan
Wednesday March 15, 2006
The Guardian (UK)

As I pause briefly in my hunt for an artist prepared to cast me a lifesize 
bronze of 
Wentworth Miller (the lividly beautiful if heavily tattooed star of the 
credible Prison Break on Channel Five) - one with jointed limbs so that I can 
whether to have him standing in the kitchen, sitting on the sofa with me or 
participating in 
profoundly perverse sexual tableaux with my Jake Gyllenhaal Mariachi puppet - 
two words 
in a newspaper article pique my interest: "barbed threads". No good, I think, 
with the 
unerring instinct for unholy conjunctions that has kept me safe from salade 
nicoise all 
these years, can come from this.

Read the rest here;


Last night's TV

I was particularly taken by an enigmatic exchange between Wentworth's cell mate 
and his 
cousin, a chubby trusty unkindly known as D-cups. Each claimed the other owed 
him a 
favour. "The broken window" ... "The church collection basket". Then 
Wentworth's cell 
mate delivered a telling blow: "The donkey!" D-cup's big, brown eyes widened 
reproachfully. "Yo! You took an oath, bro." Oh, do tell! What happened between 
and the donkey?


Decision about Lane Garrison's case