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Re: SPOILERS_[Wentworth_Miller] Spoiler...4-1-07 episode Shannon Liedel Wed Apr 04 00:00:34 2007

I really loved the show as well.  I was disappointed to see on the PB site 
boards that many people were disappointed in last night's episode.  I was not 
disappointed, but I really don't know how I can go 5 months without it!  No 
ideas about next season, but I will definitely be watching.
Take care,

Tanya Nieves <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:                                  
OOO my goodness!!!!! I luv last nite show. I was crying and cheering when Sara 
popped out of the boat.  O and when they were stuck in the house cryig and 
saying how much they luv each other. I even dreamt about it. it felt so real. I 
even seen Sara little baby bump when she hugged Michael on the boat. 
  So I wonder what happens to the money that was thrown in the water??? Mihcael 
in that crazy hell hole SONA????? he looked so mean walking in there.  Does 
anyone have any idea what might happen next season.???

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