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[Adeos-main] NULL interrupt handler "ipd->irqs[irq].handler" in __ipipe_run_irq() Tom Evans Thu Sep 01 09:00:13 2011

This problem has probably been solved years ago, but Google and searching this list didn't find me anything.

I'm running an old (2006) Linux 2.4 kernel with Xenomai 2.1 with the Adeos patches on an MPC5200 (ppc).

Every now and then when I stress the system it crashes because "ipd->irqs[irq].handler" is NULL for "irq == 1" (a valid irq on this system) in this code:


#define __ipipe_run_isr(ipd, irq, cpuid)  \
do {                                      \
    if (ipd == ipipe_root_domain) {       \
        /*                                \
         * Linux handlers are called w/ hw interrupts on so \
         * that they could not defer interrupts for higher  \
         * priority domains.                                \
         */                                                 \
        local_irq_enable_hw();                              \
        ((void (*)(unsigned, struct pt_regs *))             \
         ipd->irqs[irq].handler) (irq, __ipipe_tick_regs + cpuid); \
        local_irq_disable_hw();                             \
    } else {                                                \
        __clear_bit(IPIPE_SYNC_FLAG, &cpudata->status);     \
        ipd->irqs[irq].handler(irq,ipd->irqs[irq].cookie);  \
        __set_bit(IPIPE_SYNC_FLAG, &cpudata->status);       \
    }                                                       \
} while(0)

If I add code to printk() when there's a NULL handler and also add a printk() to ipipe_virtualize_irq() to detail all interrupt registrations and de-registrations I get the following:

[   53.32] 1080:closing...
[   53.32] ipipe_virtualize_irq(256, 0x00000000)
[   53.32] ipipe_virtualize_irq(56, 0x00000000)
[   53.34] 1463:mscan_hwrelease out
[   53.34] ipipe_virtualize_irq(57, 0x00000000)
[   53.34] 1463:mscan_hwrelease out
[   53.35] pcan: pccard_release()
[   53.35] ipipe_virtualize_irq(1, 0x00000000)
[   53.36] __ipipe_run_isr(, 1, ) handler is NULL! #######

So it looks like the interrupt is happening in hardware and being queued and THEN it is being deregistered (with the handler being set to zero in ipipe_virtualize_irq()) and then it is being pulled from the pipe, run and (usually) crashes.

I've checked all the Adeos patches I can find for all architectures up to the current date, and none of them have had changes made to check for the condition of a NULL interrupt handler in the pipe.

Simply adding a test in __ipipe_run_isr() to ignore these entries seems to fix this problem for me.

The other solution I can think of would be to make ipipe_virtualize_irq() smarter so on deregistration it removes any pending interrupts from the pipelines. Has that been done in any newer versions?

This problem might match the old (2007) and long running (40 messages) bug report "Re: Xenomai and MSI enabled crashes kernel" listed here:


I'd be interested in any observations, comments or pointers to the "real cause" and any other "real fixes".

Tom Evans

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