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Re: [Airo-wpa-dev] WPA disconnect and reauthentication with NetworkManager matthieu castet Sat Nov 28 08:00:14 2009

Jose Alonso a écrit :
> On Wed, 2009-10-28 at 01:02 +0100, matthieu castet wrote:
>> If you check the caller of the readBSSListRid function, you will see
>> that CMD_LISTBSS cmd is emitted if doLoseSync var is set.
>> I suspect the same issue happen in other modes, but is less annoying
>> So it seems that the airo card can't be connected and scanning at the same 
>> time.
>> A workaround could be to not send CMD_LISTBSS in wpa mode (what you did).
>> If the attached patch work for you, I will commit.
> Yes, the patch works.
> But, what do you think about completely ignore CMD_LISTBSS in wpa mode?
> CMD_LISTBSS is also used in:
> proc_BSSList_open   ->  when you do:  >/proc/driver/aironet/eth1/BSSList
> readBSSListRid      ->  when you do:  iwlist eth1 ap; iwlist eth1 peers
> I don't know what is better, to loose sync and receive a fresh list of
> peers or not loose sync and receive the initial list of peers?
I don't know.
I think we should not loosing sync when requested by tools doing auto-scanning 
but get a resh list when
the user issue a manual scanning.
No tool should use the proc interface.
I wonder if some tools use iwlist eth1 ap; iwlist eth1 peers ?


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