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Re: Murph stated I'd like to call for a group conscience, and so would I. Is that a motion and a second mike t Thu Feb 25 06:00:04 2010

It was Blue who asked for a group conscience.

Frankly I don't see why everyone is so distraught over Bob.  I don't
see Bob as anti-AA, only anti-rituals and anti-worship.  He raises
valid questions that everyone should consider.  AA didn't start out as
ritualized and convoluted as it has become today, where the primary
message and primary purposes have become so muddled and watered down
with other addictions or political correctness.  As rough as Bob is
around the edges, I believe he is banging on the drum of the original
message of AA, not modern AA's message.  That has the effect of
rustling many people's feathers because it isn't the feel-good,
everything-will-be-okay-if-you-just-don't-drink pablum prevalent in
meetings today.

If you can't handle what's written just delete it or change your own
outlook.  Insisting someone else conform to us is not what AA has
taught me.

mike t.

On Thu, Feb 25, 2010 at 07:53, Jim Vaughn <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Here is a pattern, Chris asks for a group conscience, I responded with what
> I feel were valid questions, the kind you here in AA biz or group conscience
> meetings, Blue had questions.
> Bob managed to come up with his usual bs babble. So where did the request
> go. If you were new could you have gotten sober here. I for one don't mind
> some opinion and questions, but I would hate to be new here.
> Are you bob a sober member of AA, you talk like you hate AA, and you have
> the correct way. I would say that to your face in a f2f meeting of AA any
> day.
> I know in the real world this shit wouldn't last a
> f...ing minute............. If you have people leaving here, the question is
> why. Just went through this at another group. Here is whats always said just
> delete them or me or do something.....jimv

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