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Jhalfs with package management Pierre Labastie Fri Feb 03 21:01:02 2012


After a few weeks of hard working, I am pleased to announce
that I have worked out an update for jhalfs, which includes
the possibility to add a package manager. Normally, it can
use any package manager. I have made an implementation with
dpkg. I do not know much about rpm, but if there is some
request, I can try to adapt to it: it should not be hard.
The hard part is to automate commands to have the package
land into a DESTDIR instead of directly to the system, not
to use the PM.

I am also working on the BLFS part, with some promising results,
but it is not usable yet.

The patch is 131k (26 k compressed). It has to be applied to
a freshly checked-out jhalfs. I attach it. I hope the list daemon
will not choke...

A way to use the system is given in README.PACKGE_MANAGEMENT.
I am not experienced enough with doc writing to know if it
is usable. Please let me know.

Pierre Labastie
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