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[algogeeks] SANKALAN - TECHNOSPEAK deepasha gupta Wed Feb 15 23:00:33 2012


The Department of Computer Science, University of Delhi is organising
its annual technical fest - Sankalan 2012 on 3rd and 4th of March,
2012. The fest consists of technical as well as non technical events.
Our website: http://sankalan.info

A technical paper presentation event - Technospeak is part of
Sankalan. This is a call for submission of papers for the event. The
papers can either be self-authored or published papers can be chosen
to be presented.

Total Number of Rounds : 2
Number of participants in a team : Maximum 2

   * Round 1

         The participants have to submit a copy of the research paper
along with a detailed abstract and future work at
as ‘Technospeak, [team name]
The following information also needs to be sent:

   * Names of both participants
   * Contact Information (Phone numbers and email addresses)
   * Team Name

     Last date of submission : 18th February 2011.
     Results will be announced by : 23rd February 2011.
     Selection Criteria : Topic, content and future scope of the

   * Round 2

         8 teams will be selected for final presentation.

   * Time Limit : 8-10 minutes.
   * Q/A session : 5 minutes.

Kindly mail your entries at  [EMAIL PROTECTED] with subject
as ‘Technospeak, [team name]

Note: More weightage will be given to published papers.


Team Sankalan

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