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[algogeeks] Engage in CODEWAR : ENCODER presented by Literati'12 in association with CodeChef (NIT Kurukshetra) Puneet Chawla Mon Feb 20 04:00:40 2012


*                   presents*


*“In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice. But, in
practice, there is.”
**Jan L. A. van de


There are few things that are more than tantalizing than a fast paced
adrenaline-pumping coding race, where coders’ skills are put to test,
within a challenging time limit. The online coding strife has always got
better and tougher each year.

*Event Guidelines*

1.    There will be one online coding round on *Codechef.com*.

2.    The event will be held on *24th February, 2012* from *5-10 pm*.

3.    It’s a team event. A team may consist of not more than two members.

4.    Participant must be a *student* and can be in one team only.

5.    Student must register on *CodeChef* and then register on Literati

6.    It can accept submissions in multiple languages as well.

7.    The event will be of 5 hr duration to solve 5 to 6 problems.

      Register yourself on the following links to engage yourself in the
code war and win exciting prizes.


Literati'12 <http://literati.net.in/2012/index.html>

*For further queries contact:*

Sachin Bansal                 [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Puneet Chawla                [EMAIL PROTECTED]            8950342490
Sanjay Rajpal                  [EMAIL PROTECTED]

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