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Re: [algogeeks] thanx to all Ravi Ranjan Wed Feb 29 10:01:59 2012


3 round liye

1.5 hours each  only data structure n algorithm n 2 qstns from OS but
ultimately the code for synchronization(a mix situation of linked-list n

they asked linked list tree programs their variations(all to implement in C)

i stuck at this place when they tell me to write minimum separation
distance between two nodes of tree
first i use recursion then
then they tell to write using one recursion and one loop.....  :P
and tell me to explain the stack  formation on memory layout along with its
i got confused whther combining both loops and stack have same as that of
two loops/ two recursions
basically they are creating  some mental pressure for me by confusing me
crtisizing me...... i was tired till the last interview
but finally they hired me..... :D:D:D:D

the last round was the difficult one here they are focussin on graph... my
graph is little weak(implementation part)

i think most of the qstns were of MS and Amazon(trees n graph optimization)
and is discussed here......

thanx a lot to you guys.......

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