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Re: [AMaViS-user] severe performance degredation by amavisd 2.6.4 under load Michael Scheidell Wed May 12 13:00:49 2010

On 5/12/10 11:44 AM, Andy Dills wrote:
> So, I'm trying to make a new build for our mailserver cluster, and I'm
> experiencing a strange problem.
> This is FreeBSD 8.0, Postfix 2.6.6, Amavisd 2.6.4, Perl 5.10.1, SA 3.3.1,
> Clamav 0.96, both with p0f enabled and disabled.
are you using ports packages for all above? I think there were some 
tweaks to clamav.
(and I assume you are using clamd/clamdscan, right?)

if clamd fails, it will fail over to clamscan (according to amavisd.conf)

if you to a
top -o cpu

or a ps -auxww | grep clamscan

is clamscan running?

if it is, it will NEVER finish!

is amavisd port package 2.6.4_4,1

pkg_info -cQ amavisd-new=2.6.4_4,1

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