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Re: [AMaViS-user] amavis hostname problem Mark Martinec Wed Aug 11 17:00:08 2010


> Making progress.......SuSE's uname is part of the problem...
> uname -n reports only the short hostname, i.e. 'domain-name' instead of the
> fqdn.
> Temporary work around is to add the fqdn using the hostname command, then
> amavis will start.

> I thought that amvis was supposed to use what you assign to the variable
> $myhostname in the config??

Correct, assignment to $myhostname in amavisd.conf will override
the default, and it does here - just tested it to make sure.
Btw, which version of amavisd are we talking about?

Perhaps there is more than one assignment to $myhostname in
a config file, or maybe there is more than one config file
included, such as it a practice in Debian.


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