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Re: [AMaViS-user] Custom Log Template Question Clayton Keller Wed Mar 02 12:00:53 2011

On 02/24/2011 10:08 AM, Clayton Keller wrote:
> I have been struggling with handling some pesky encoded characters in
> mail logs as of late.
> My issue involves passing the message on to a remote rsyslog server
> which then processes the messages into a database. From time to time I
> see messages with something similar to the following:
> "Subject:<RE: VIAGRA \256 Official Site ID031831740>"
> In my case, messages are passed to processing mechanisms via triggers
> prior to a final insertion but I am getting DB errors based on the
> handling of these "invalid" characters.
> I don't think the use of mime2utf8 will help me in these types of
> instances. Also, after looking through previous mailing list messages
> I've seen references to somewhat similar types of issues with the use of
> setting the LANG= value with the invocation of amavisd-new. I may be not
> thinking this through clearly, but I don't think that would help much in
> this case since everything is happening after the fact on a completely
> different system.
> Would I be better off in the log template doing some type of find and
> replace regex on the fields to help escape these characters? Is that
> even possible? Typically I'd do this in the code that is called by the
> trigger but I'm not quite getting that far along in the processing yet
> to do that. My thinking at this point is to escape any backslashes
> before I write the log and then hopefully I can handle the escaped
> characters elsewhere.
> I see the following noted in the README.customize file:
> "If assigning to variables, care must be taken to properly quote certain
> special characters (like backslash), as required by Perl quoting rules.
> Text read from amavisd file or from external files is not subject
> to Perl quoting rules."
> But what is the best practice to do so within the templates and the
> available macros? Or is it more raw perl within the template that I need
> to consider?
> My apologies if this is a bit off-topic for the list but any ideas would
> be appreciated.
> Clay

After additional troubleshooting and trial and error of my issue, it is 
looking more like I need to take a more simple approach of a find and 
replace mentality to the content passed to amavisd-new.

Looking through README.customize I don't see any predefined macros which 
do such a thing thus far, and am considering a custom macro to do just this.

I wanted to throw this out to the list to make sure I'm not overlooking 
something obvious or already available.


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