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[android-beginners] Re: Modifying date and time pickers Brian Victor Sun May 30 15:00:17 2010

TreKing wrote:
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> On Sat, May 29, 2010 at 8:41 PM, Brian Victor <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>wrote:
>> I'd like to get started with Android development by scratching my biggest
>> itch: the date and time pickers.
> What's wrong with them?

Let's start with the time picker, which is the most suboptimal from my
point of view.  A basic, uncreative time picker should require a maximum
of 6 taps, being generous, to enter a time of 12:30: "clear"; "1"; "2";
"3"; "0"; "Done"

The current time picker has two entry methods.  First, you can
repeatedly tap or tap and hold the + and - buttons, which is tolerable
for hours but laborious for minutes.  Second, you can tap on the text
entry field, which pops up a keyboard in alphabetical mode and does not
clear the existing text.  Using this method requires the following taps:
"tap on hours field"; "del"; "?123"; "1"; "2"; "tap on minutes field";
"del"; "del"; "?123"; "3"; "0";

The date picker is less irritating, but I'd really like it to display a
calendar as most date pickers do.

>>  * If I change those controls, will I be able to get the result onto
>> my   Droid without rooting it or waiting for a patch to be accepted upstream
>> and pushed to my phone by my carrier?
> You have the entire source for Android - take the part you want (the
> pickers) and throw them in your own project.

I don't have a project yet.  I want to replace the global controls so
that (e.g.) the built-in calendar program becomes usable.  Right now it
takes so long to set up an event that I don't even bother.

>>  * Why are those controls implemented as dialog boxes rather than intents?
> Because they're controls ... that users have to interact with ... how would
> you do that with intents?

It you want to ask the user to choose a contact, you use an intent,
right?  If you want to ask the user to take a photo, you use an intent.
I'm not sure why choosing dates or times are so much different.  But
then, this is why this is on beginners; I have only a high level
understanding of the architecture and could be missing something


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