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[android-developers] getting sensor data directly without listeners hano Fri Mar 09 02:01:31 2012

I've read many posts on this topic and it appears there is no way to
do it in android.  I need to get a sensor's value at regular
intervals.  From my tests on the eventlistener, the values do not
arrive consistently.  And even set to max update frequency (zero
milliseconds) the best I've seen is around 11 or 12 milliseconds
between updates (orientation sensor, for example).  That is only about
75 hz.  I need upwards of 250 hz.  Does anybody know of a way to get
at the sensors directly?  If not, does anybody know if the iPhone iOS
can do it?  This is an android show stopper for me.  Ultimately, I am
wanting to integrate custom medical sensors, like EEG and ECG.
Anybody have ideas how to do that?

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