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Re: [android-discuss] Re: Say goodbye to the Menu button? Brian Conrad Fri Feb 03 22:01:20 2012

On 02/02/2012 02:38 AM, Kevin Chadwick wrote:

P.s. I also think 4:3 is better than 16:9 as a square fits a round
pupil better, if the media fit such as some of the footage in Imax
Cinemas. I think that's more down to making hollywoods job easier over
better, same as IBM ;-).

4:3 is a poor canvas for a film maker though. I prefer 16:9 or even better 21:9. No one is really sure why Edison's engineer chose 4:3 though they think it had something to do with the sprocket hole placement. The Lumiere Brothers chose the 5:3 aspect ratio perhaps because their film was set up for postcard pictures. And believe the actual argument goes our eyes see more like 21:9 than a square canvas (unless you're myopic). There was a good article the other day on why 4K HDTV for the home didn't make sense though they do for theaters. We get 16:9 displays on devices probably because the LCD market went that direction and the desire for users to play videos on them. 16:9 portrait is better than 4:3 for text (remember the Mac text monitors on the 1980s).

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