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Re: [android-discuss] Re: Say goodbye to the Menu button? Kevin Chadwick Fri Feb 03 22:02:09 2012

On Thu, 02 Feb 2012 09:48:17 -0800
Brian Conrad  wrote:

> No one is really sure why Edison's engineer chose 4:3 
> though they think it had something to do with the sprocket hole 
> placement.

I believe the first TV's were 1:1, they would have been round except
it's expensive to make round glass. The square glass covers the round
edges of the pictures produced by a cathode ray tube.

> And believe the 
> actual argument goes our eyes see more like 21:9 than a square canvas 
> (unless you're myopic).  There was a good article the other day on why 
> 4K HDTV for the home didn't make sense though they do for theaters.  We 
> get 16:9 displays on devices probably because the LCD market went that 
> direction and the desire for users to play videos on them.

I don't believe that, probably stemming from the too simple a test
about moving fingers in front of your face I've seen by a university
PHOTOGRAPHY LECTURER, not a biologist or brain specialist, we have a
focal point as re-affirmed by the uk christmas lectures this year and
it has more to do with the creators job and cinema wall shape than the
viewer which is what it should be about. We do use peripheral vision to
decide to move our focus, and eyelashes etc. may slighlty restrict the
vertical but the finger exercise has more to do with the brain having
the ability to decide which plane to prioritse at any given moment.
Vertical for Batman jumping off a building for example, that was cool
at IMAX.

There is no getting away from the fact our pupils are round and IMAX
which is 4:3 and charges a premium is far more immersive.

I'm not even sure (I'll start trying it on my tablet) of 16:9 being
better for text, it's certainly easier to hold a floppy piece of paper
in that shape and people do stop reading sooner apparently if web page
lines are too wide, I guess because it feels like they are not getting
through the text and will be there all day. I know I prefer 4:3 over
16:9 for browsing in landscape.

Everyone I've ever met hates 21:9. Ask this, why do DVDs on TV almost
always have black lines and yet cinemas want the largest pictures

Cinema = >$ is my suspicion.


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