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[android-discuss] Re: Say goodbye to the Menu button? JP Fri Feb 03 22:04:02 2012

On Feb 3, 3:39 pm, Ecthelion <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Again and again I wondered what an icon in an app's Action Bar meant. And
> just recently I pressed the wrong icon in the email app and never
> found that mail again, just because I was not sure which of the icons
> was meant to mark the email as unread again. With a normal menu there
> is usually (or always?) an item description that the user can read
> alongside an icon for quickly recognizing the functionality. So if a
> user is unsure what the icon in the menu means he can always read the
> menu item text. An Action Bar does not have this possibility.

The number of icons should be limited in such cases, agree. It could
be just one (perhaps obvious) icon. The remaining items then relegate
to the overflow menu, which works just like an old school menu, with
icons, descriptions and all. I find the presence of the menu on screen
a considerable benefit over the "old school" menu, accessed through
the menu button.

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