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[android-discuss] Re: Time to raise app prices? Nathan Thu Feb 16 15:00:42 2012

On Feb 16, 1:10 pm, Jeffrey Kesselman <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> What you really need to asses income value is a distribution of the  income
> of a significant sized random sample across the entire space.

Well, I doubt you are going to get that data, but post it here if you
do. Do you have enough data to dismiss the freemium model as a waste
of time?

Are you of the opinion that one should not do something unless they
can calculate a statistically sound probable income from it?

>Namely that quality of product leads to mass market success.  The market
>abounds with examples of where that just isn't true.  (Windows, VHS tape,
>most Zynga games... the list is endless.)

Yes, those are interesting examples, but

Are you really saying that one should release as many apps as possible
without doing any testing or debugging? I doubt it.

There is a long tail for apps in terms of downloads. That's a fact.
Like Tim, I believe the long tail is positively correlated with low
quality. Now, there could be some high quality stuff there that is
limited by the person's grammar, spelling, marketing ability, or
No, I don't have statistical proof of that. Do you have statistical
proof that it isn't true .

Now are the highest grossing apps necessarily the highest quality? No.
But ones that are crashing 60% of the time aren't going to even be
contending for the top or midrange spots.


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