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[android-discuss] Blackberry Playbook Users Doug Gordon Mon Feb 27 11:01:54 2012

I'm starting to get really annoyed with email support requests from users who are trying to use my app on a Blackberry Playbook and are having problems (no surprise!). The issue here is that I had nothing to do with my app being "ported" to the Blackberry and have no idea how it was done or what the limitations of such a port are.

I only found out about it from one of these support requests, and from Googling my app to see who has it listed. On the "Blackberry App World" site it's listed as being "Published by Handster, Inc."

Has anyone else run into this issue? It's the "free" version that's being offered, so I guess whoever converted all these apps assumes that "free" means "free to do anything with". And who the @#$^ is Handster, anyway?

  Doug Gordon
  GHCS Software

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