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[android-porting] Android: ALSA SoC Audio issues Naveen Krishna Ch Wed Jan 14 22:00:25 2009

I am using the Windrivers  Audio ALSA integration in Android.
And i have the
"ObtainBuffer timedOut (is the CPU pegged?) "
message from AudioFlinger.
Where i should look for a promissing solution.
I have a couple of other issues regarding Audio on Android.

I am using 2.6.26 kernel with ASoC stuff ported from 2.6.28.

If it was a kernel bug (as said by Sean) Any one knows the fix.

Audio is workingon android with following issues.

1. AudioRecord: BufferOverflow
Error message when trying to record with asimple record applciation.
This message follows a condition of getting a nextBuffer in the
It arives after 2 or 4 seconds of recording and nothing records after
this message.
But, there is no crash or any other prints.

2. Underrun  Occured
Message comes from alsa lib.
when trying to change the medio volume with some other applications
But, this dosent seems to cause any problem to any applications
Any kind of help is appreciable.
(: Naveen Krishna Ch :)

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