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[android-kernel] Re: kernel support differences between Android versions? Srikant Mon Jan 24 22:00:07 2011

You can refer the android.git.kernel.org kernel/common.git
Documentation/android.txt for details.

Also compare this code with your 2.6.29 android kernel to see the

On Jan 24, 11:51 pm, A Curtis <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hello,
> Is there a document which describes the kernel support requirements
> for the various Android versions?
> For instance, I have an Android capable kernel based on Linux 2.6.29.
> I want to migrate to Gingerbread which requires 2.6.35. What are the
> kernel support requirement differences between the Android versions?
> Can 2.6.29 be used with Gingerbread? If not, why?

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