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[android-kernel] Re: Upgrading Android Kernel Rudolf Tammekivi Sat Feb 04 03:00:53 2012

I had the address wrong, so upon reboot, it got stuck. I modified it
to be the last part of the RAM, and the sig seems to be 0xffffffff
always. I'd like to know how to "force" a panic, so I could check
whether it writes something or is the sig still 0xffffffff. The size
is 1M.

As I understand, when panic happens, RAM stays full of memory. Then,
when reboot, ram_console checks if there is a sig with the data, and
then writes it to last_kmsg, right?

On Feb 3, 1:33 pm, Rudolf Tammekivi <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I think I managed to get ram_console working on the working kernel, it
> gives this in kmsg:
> <6>[1, swapper] [    0.256378] ram_console: got buffer at 3a00000,
> size 40000
> <6>[1, swapper] [    0.256408] ram_console: no valid data in buffer
> (sig = 0x20008808)
> <6>[1, swapper] [    0.256561] console [ram-1] enabled
> But is there a way to do a manual panic, to see whether it outputs the
> log or not?
> Regards,
> Rudolf.

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