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[android-kernel] Re: Froyo and kernel version steve paesani Tue Apr 03 11:01:00 2012

I like Mark's approach and here's why:
Device vendors, by Android Licensing, must release their source code.
They do not however have to provide updates for any particular device.
When a new Android comes out a device vendor may simply decide to not port 
it to an 'old device' yet rather
port it to some new and improved device. Though I respect Diane's advice I 
can not help but notice the cohesion between it and many a device vendor's 
intent to sell more phones based on a new android release.
Mark's view and approach however lends to those who  might port a new 
android to an older device whose source and drivers are publicly available. 
Thus something like an Ice Cream Sandwich can be 'back ported' to an 
'abandoned' device.
Something those concerned about society as a whole, and not the 'succecss' 
of one of it's sub cultures, finds rather attractive.
Thanks Mark!

On Wednesday, August 4, 2010 6:17:20 PM UTC-4, Hedwin wrote:
> Hi,
> Which kernel version do I need to use for Froyo?
> I tried the same version as used for Eclair (2.6.32) but that does
> work for Froyo.
> Hedwin

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