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repo upload failing Christoffer Gurell Wed Sep 30 05:01:32 2009

I am trying to submit a patch for review using the instructions found
at http://source.android.com/submit-patches but I am getting errors
when i run repo upload.

---- snip ----
$ repo upload
Upload project frameworks/base/:
  branch viewinvalidationobserver ( 1 commit, Wed Sep 30 11:26:16 2009
         774d6825 Add ViewInvalidationObserver to View class.
to review.source.android.com (y/n)? y
ssh: connect to host review.source.android.com port 29418: Connection
fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly

[FAILED] frameworks/base/ viewinvalidationobserver  ()
---- snip ----

Am i doing something wrong ?

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