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Binder driver on Linux Kashif Ali Sun Feb 19 22:00:29 2012


I have quick question about Android binder driver.

I am trying to install the driver on a Linux machine, mainly to learn.
I am planning to write some services (similar to bctest.c in the
driver directory), to understand the subscription and data flow
between different services.

I managed to compiled it successfully however, having problems loading
the module into kernel (using insmod). dmesg says following:

[187046.886251] binder: Unknown symbol zap_page_range (err 0)
[187046.886479] binder: Unknown symbol put_files_struct (err 0)
[187046.886696] binder: Unknown symbol expand_files (err 0)
[187046.887093] binder: Unknown symbol __put_task_struct (err 0)
[187046.887488] binder: Unknown symbol get_vm_area (err 0)
[187046.887748] binder: Unknown symbol unmap_kernel_range (err 0)
[187046.889362] binder: Unknown symbol __lock_task_sighand (err 0)
[187046.889647] binder: Unknown symbol get_files_struct (err 0)
[187046.890274] binder: Unknown symbol can_nice (err 0)

kallsyms says following:

[EMAIL PROTECTED]:~/Projects$ cat /proc/kallsyms | grep zap_page_range
0000000000000000 T zap_page_range

The Makefile is:

LINUX_BUILD_HOME=/lib/modules/`uname -r`/build

obj-m += binder.o

        make -C $(LINUX_BUILD_HOME) M=$(PWD) modules

Any pointers would be appreciated.



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