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Re: problem with armeabi-v7a library on ICS Alex Cohn Tue Feb 21 07:01:45 2012


The issue confirmed, and will hopefully be fixed in the future ICS

On Feb 19, 8:10 pm, Alex Cohn <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> We have found recently that on ICS, unlike previous versions, the JNI
> libraries are picked up from armeabi directory even if the armeabi-v7a
> directory is present, and the device does have appropriate CPU (also
> manifested as Build.CPU_ABI).
> We have seen this repeat on two devices: out-of-the-box on Galaxy
> Nexus, and Motorola XOOM with the official upgrade.
> Looking at the platform source code, I can see the root of this
> problem: the logic to unpack libraries has been moved from Java to /
> base/core/jni/com_android_internal_content_NativeLibraryHelper.cpp,
> and there seems to be a bug in the native code, that the loop for a
> library (line 287) does not check that there already exists a match in
> APK for cpuAbi, and overwrites this file with a match for cpuAbi2
> (around line 317).
> We can work around this bug in an ugly manner: give all lib files
> different names... Anyway, that's what we are forced to do today to
> provide support both fro Tegra and Neon devices. But I am looking for
> a cleaner solution.
> Sincerely,
> Alex

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