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[android-porting] Re: Contribute SuperH code to Android PP Mon May 25 20:00:25 2009


We are porting android on Renesas Migor(CPU:SH7722), but as fas as i
have went through the code its been prepared for ARM and x86, so i am
unable to find out how to start compiling the code. Can you suggest
any way regarding building the code for SuperH  platform.

With Regards,
On May 11, 6:07 am, Tony SIM <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi,
> We have portedAndroidto a SuperH platform, AP-3300(CPU:SH7723). and
> we would like to contribute the change to review server.
> How to add a new architecture to AOSP?
> We could not find any topics regarding new CPU add in mailing list
> though. should we simply follow regular steps described at following ?
>  http://source.android.com/submit-patches
> If you have any idea to this type of architecture extension, please
> let us know.
> Thanks in advance

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