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[android-porting] Sensor HAL implementation in Gingerbread jagan Fri Jul 29 09:00:46 2011

Hi All,

I am working on sensor porting on Gingerbread.

I am taking a sample HAL code from device/samsung git at device/

Due to above code reference I customized Proximity sensor HAL
some Proximity driver code..It's working fine on my device.

But as my device supports accelerometer,orientation & geometric
sensors which
code from above git can i take?

I saw all above three sensor code resides on AkmSensor.cpp, what
exactly this implementation is?

Because i have 3 individual device drivers for all 3 sensors, but how
can i customize this AkmSensor.cpp so-that i will talk to all 3 sensor

Please let me your concerns & ask me if you have any further
clarification on this issue.

Thanks in advance,


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