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Frame buffer , Hardware overlay, rendering Girish H T Mon Nov 28 23:00:07 2011


Sorry for cross posting. Stuck up with a problem , hope to get the solution
at this forum.

I am trying to capture the frame from framebuffer device. /dev/graphics/fb0
in a rooted device. It works well to some extent. But when i try to play a
video and , capture frame buffer the trouble starts. That is there is a
black hole in the captured frame i can see.

As i read from the google groups there is hardware overlay which the
decoded data is directly rendered to, this part i cant understand. As there
is only one display logically everything should be muxed and given to
display. But i am still not able to understand how the video buffer is
rendered seperately without frame buffer memory area.

Could some one clarify how exactly the hardware overlaid rendering happens
without directly writing to the frame buffer memory area. Is that area be
accessible ?


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