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Re: [android-porting] Baseband unknown with android 2.3.7 builded from sources Paul Kocialkowski Mon Apr 09 07:01:10 2012

Le vendredi 06 avril 2012 à 06:37 -0700, fatruc a écrit :
> Hello,
> I need to build a custom version of android 2.3.x for nexus s, so i
> followed this guide:http://source.android.com/source/downloading.html
> And everything works fine execpt that my radio is not recognized by
> the phone. When i go to "About phone" i just see Baseband version:
> unknown. I tried several version of android and baseband but i never
> worked.

Check that the non-free RIL is running on your device (if you built the
images without adding the proprietary bits, it should be absent).

The file is /system/vendor/lib/libsec-ril.so.

You can also check by running "adb logcat -b radio". If it's actually
running but can't work with your modem firmware, there will probably be
an error code somewhere in that log. 

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