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Re: [android-security-discuss] Re: Application Signature Verification Kevin Chadwick Thu Feb 02 22:03:42 2012

On Fri, 20 Jan 2012 11:54:08 -0800
Subbu Srinivasan  wrote:

> - Maybe google does not want to be in the business of code review, but it
> is an opportunity to outsource this to certified vendors(of course I have
> not given thought on how the vendors can monetize this)

I struggle to see how it can be monetised, people never care about
security untill their machines stop working or their bank refuses a
refund. Or their ex boyfriend keeps turning up un-invited. Then it's a
big deal, they spend money likely on things that make no difference
because to most security is intangible.

It would have to be Google for Brand protection but I guess it's more
likely that they would buy the code review it and incorporate it into

The best of both protecting developers IP and users is interesting to
me, but I guess the code would be ripped off in other markets and phone
types. Damage claims against Google waived and the effect on law suits
would obviously need to be well thought out.


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