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[android-security-discuss] Re: Extended security permissions Chris Stratton Wed Mar 07 20:00:24 2012

On Wednesday, March 7, 2012 10:47:54 AM UTC-5, Earlence wrote:
> > - protect our application from being deleted by user. 
> if the phone is rooted, anyone can delete your application. 
> you are better off having a custom android build with these features 
> in a special system app with the required permissions. 
> -Earlence 

Same problem - if *you* can install a custom android build on the device, 
someone else can probably install theirs over the top of it. The exception 
would be if the manufacturer gives you a unique key to go with your (large) 
lot of devices, or if you successfully exploit a device that will only 
accept signed code, modify it to only accept your updates, and patch the 
hole you got in through. 

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