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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Shale to Become Top-Level ASF Project Martin Cooper Sat Sep 02 10:53:57 2006

On behalf of the ASF Board and Struts PMC, we are pleased to announce that
Shale has been accepted as a top-level project of the Apache Software

As a top-level project, Shale will have its own website, mailing lists,
repository space, and Project Management Committee. Shale will be an
automomous ASF project, rather than a subproject of Apache Struts.

The Shale framework for JavaServer Faces is nearing its first stable
release. As a top-level project, it will be easier for Shale to attract new
developers and expand its growing community.

The initial set of PMC members and committers for Shale is:

 * Craig McClanahan
 * James Mitchell
 * Greg Reddin
 * Sean Schofield
 * Wendy Smoak
 * Gary VanMatre
 * Matthias Wessendorf

Apache Shale has strong ties to both the Struts and MyFaces projects. Most
of the Shale PMC members are already involved in both projects, and plan on
continuing to remain involved in them, along with Shale.

Apache Shale is a modern web application framework, intended for developers
adopting JavaServer Faces as a core technology.

Shale began as a proposal for Struts 2.0, but instead became a subproject,
so as to provide a JSF alternative for Struts developers. Recent
developments for Struts Action 2 now make it easier for Struts developers to
access JSF components from within an "action-based" application.

The initial Shale codebase was donated by Craig McClanahan, who also donated
the original Struts codebase.

Martin Cooper
PMC Chair, Apache Struts