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[appigo-todo] Re: Issues w/ sync to Toodledo - duplicate Appigo Support Mon Jan 19 11:00:22 2009

Thanks for writing in.

The only place where that set up could run into problems is on
repeating tasks.  If one of you completes a repeating task on the
iPhone and another does the same (or on the web site), you might end
up with some extra tasks due to the fact that with repeating tasks,
the tasks are duplicated and re-scheduled in the future.

Beyond the repeating tasks, it should work just fine.  Just some
additional information.  If you edit a task on Toodledo and edit the
same task on your iPhone before syncing, the Toodledo version will
overwrite the version on your iPhone.  If you sync between the edits,
the task will sync whichever version was edited.  As you can imagine,
this gets more complicated with multiple versions but if you edit a
task and sync it, that task is going to sync down to the other device
even if the other device has also edited that task.

Let us know if you find a pattern to where you are seeing the duplicates.

-The Appigo Team

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